WooCommerce - Products Advanced Search This plugin allows you to add an advanced search form for WooCommerce Products. With this form you can search products by name, category, price, dimensions attributes or custom attributes.
SugarCRM Custom Chart Dashlets Create custom chart dashlets for any SugarCRM bean module and also for your custom modules. Is easy to use, and very flexible. You can choose chart type ( pie cart, bar chart and horizontal bar chart), data series field and filtering fields.
SugarCRM Users ActionsLogs users activity in your SugarCRM application. Actions tracked are: Login, Logout, Detail View, Create, Edit, Delete. You can see who performed the action, the user IP, date and time when action was done, what items was accessed, edited or deleted. In your homepage there are two dashlets with bar charts available that gives you a nice overview of users activities.
Magento Manufacturers / BrandsExtension allows you to define manufactures/brands with name, image and description. A Manufacturer attribute is created and you can define manufacturer for a product. Manufacturer name and/or image will appear in product frontend. Also manufacturer list and manufacturer individual page are available in frontend
Magento Top Menu ManagerThis extension helps you to customize top navigation menu with Categories, CMS pages and Custom Links (internal or external links)
Magento Product FAQs QuestionsMagento Product FAQs Questions extension offers a questions and answers list in product page and a form where customers can submit questions. Administrator can approve and answer to questions . Also administrator can set to be notified by email when a new question is submitted.